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In 2023, here are the top 12 skills you need to be successful on social media

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Top Social Media Marketing Skill

Today, brands will likely lose out to competitors if they don’t exist on social media and don’t have social media marketing skills.

It’s obvious that ignoring social media skills will lead to missed opportunities for revenue and brand building. With over 2.45 billion users of Facebook, millions of users of Instagram, Twitter, and 1 billion users of YouTube, it’s obvious to ignore social media skills. It is critical to have social media marketing skills in order to succeed in this environment. Getting a certification in social media marketing is an excellent way to get a solid foundation if you are considering a job in the field. In addition, you will need to develop your social media skills as a digital marketer. Certification programs can teach you some skills, but you need other skills to succeed in marketing in addition

Top 12 Social Media Skills

1. Excited communication.

You must have communication skills when it comes to social media. Communication skills are essential for engaging customers and representing an organization. Communication skills are also needed for getting along with colleagues, expressing your ideas and campaigns, and representing your brand internationally.

2. Creativity 

Social media marketing skills require creativity as one of their most significant characteristics. If a brand shares repetitive or boring content on social media, users are likely to unfollow them. Marketers who use social media must continually come up with engaging ideas, creative campaigns, and creative campaigns to keep their followers engaged and hooked. In order to stand out from millions of others on social media, marketers will need to create interactive content, contests, and viral videos.

3. Capacity to write

Social media skills are dominated by images and videos, but writing also plays a crucial role. Writing plays an influential role in the job profile of any social media marketer, like Facebook, Instagram whether they are creating posts or crafting tweets. There is a high probability that people will not be motivated enough to click on a headline that isn’t magnetic or captivating enough.

4. Content curation 

For businesses that lack the time to create content on their own, content curation has always been a major part of social media marketing. In addition to being knowledgeable about content sources and audience preferences, content curation is an important social media marketing skill.

5. Planning and managing projects

Effective project management skills are essential for social media marketers since they are multi-taskers extraordinaire. It is their responsibility to create publishing schedules, track contacts, and maintain social media profiles. There is a lot they will have to do, including managing ad budgets, running reports, and meeting with writers and designers. As a social media manager, you need to keep on top of all the tasks. You also need to learn when content needs to be published, what you need to plan for, and how to keep track of all the different social media conversations.

6. Learning Ability

The technology landscape changes constantly and new social media platforms appear while existing platforms are regularly updated with new features, such as Instagram reels and LinkedIn stories. The expectations of consumers can also change spontaneously in addition to that flux. The best social media marketers are willing to learn as they go along.

7. Marketing 

It’s still marketing, so you need a solid understanding of basic marketing principles, even though you use social media as a tool. Having a comprehensive foundational knowledge of marketing is not necessary, but you should have some understanding of how it works.

8. Flexibility

A social media marketer who can respond to a changing environment quickly, whether it is positive or negative, is the most effective one. There is always something happening on social media, so the most effective ones are those who can respond to it quickly. A social media skill that is essential is flexibility!

9. Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking is the next most significant social media skill. Despite its fun appearance, social media marketing requires strategy. A social media strategy can be learned along with your training, but strategic thinking is something that comes naturally to those with a natural aptitude for it.

10. Relationship building 

It is also crucial for social media marketers to build relationships with influencers.

11. Community management 

There’s one thing all social media giants have in common: community, one of the fundamental skills of social media! Building an online community and connecting with others is essential to the success of social media marketing.

12. Analytical skills 

As a final note, you should know whether your marketing is effective. Thus, analytical skills are important and advantageous in social media. It is possible to check metrics and report data, but having an analytical mind will enable you to make sense of all that data—and therefore make informed decisions instead of making assumptions.

Social Media Marketing Skills on a Resume

Your resume plays a key role in getting the job you want in Social Media Marketing. It is helpful to highlight the social media marketing skills that you use every day as a marketer. Here are the essentials of social media marketing for a resume –

1. Planning and Strategy 

Monthly strategy and growth planning are a part of the life of a social media marketer.

2. Research-oriented

A solid understanding of what’s happening in marketing is the foundation of all insights SMM professionals derive. To make a monthly planner, good research skills are essential.

3. Community Building

Using social media to market your business is like building a community of potential customers. It is therefore imperative for SMM professionals to know how to engage with the right people.

4. Content Marketing 

Content that is of high quality is liked by everyone. Marketing as Content that stands out and is powerful increases your chances of reaching more people. Your resume can benefit greatly from this social media marketing skill!

5. Analytics Skills 

In marketing, everything we do is supported by analytics, as it is the only way to measure the impact of what we do. Social media marketing is an art based on numbers, so if you’re good at numbers, you’re in good shape!


1. What are the 3 key attributes of social media marketing?

Development of a social media profile, the creation of amazing content, and analysis and reporting are the three main social media attributes.

2. What is the most important social media marketing skill?

In social media marketing, producing content that matches the interests of your target audience is key to converting your audience.

3. How do you list social media skills on a resume?

You should mix hard and soft skills on your resume when listing your social media marketing skills. Priority should be given to domain-specific skills and last priority to soft skills.

4. How can I learn social media marketing skills? 

It is possible to grow your social media marketing skills by taking a professional course from a well-known organization. Become a successful SMM professional by enrolling in the Advanced Social Media Certification Training Course.

As a social media marketer, do you need to be proficient in all 12 skills? The answer is no. A few strong skills will help you succeed in social media marketing, especially if you also receive formal training. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses allows you to improve in the areas that need improvement. In 2022, you can build an amazing social media marketing career if you start learning now! Crystal Xone can help you with your career setup if you want to learn more about Digital Marketing.


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