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Google AdSense accounts approval process in 2022

Google AdSense accounts again as one of the most effective contextual advertising networks. AdSense account is created, reviewed, and accepted by the AdSense team, and you can begin implementing ads on your site and making money.

Publishers now have an easier time getting approved for AdSense, thanks to a change in the AdSense approval process.

The AdSense approval process for first-time accounts:

1. AdSense compatibility is essential for your website

2. Create a Google AdSense account

3. Your website should include the AdSense code

4. Your website will be reviewed by the AdSense team within 2-3 days and approved or rejected

5. You will be asked to verify your identity by the AdSense team

6. To get paid, you need to add your payment information (the minimum payment is $100).

Typically, your application would be reviewed in 48 hours. After your application is approved, it will begin showing ads on your blog & you will start earning money.

AdSense approval follows these steps:

Visit to register an AdSense account. Make sure your Name, Address, and Website URL are accurate.

Create AdSense codes by logging into your AdSense account. Your blog sidebar should contain the codes.

The final approval process has not yet been completed, the ads will remain blank. Normally, it takes two weeks for approval to be granted. Please do not remove the ads.

  • You will receive an email confirmation once AdSense is approved.
  • When you earn $10 from AdSense, you will receive a PIN by mail.
  • Once you receive the pin, log into your AdSense account.

Congratulations, all steps have been completed. You will receive your earnings once your account reaches $100. For AdSense payments, I recommend enabling direct bank transfers.

Despite this, those who sign up using someone else’s website might have trouble getting approved for AdSense. It’s time to consider alternatives to AdSense if they reject your account.

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Is AdSense novel to you? Have you experienced any problems with the newly implemented approval process for AdSense?

You can get approved quickly by following these 12 tips. 

1- It’s Crucial to Have High-Quality Content

The number one thing you should do if you’re trying to get approved for Google AdSense is number one. Therefore, your website should have high-quality content.

Now that Google is approving websites, they’re making sure they aren’t just spam or websites that are copying and pasting content.

The search engine wants to keep them out of the results in general, so anyone trying to take shortcuts can forget about it. Google AdSense won’t approve you.

Keep your website’s content high-quality. If you would like to know what Google considers to be appropriate publishing practices, you can look at Google’s Publisher Policies.

There’s a reasonable chance that you’ll get denied if you don’t have high-quality content on your search engine result pages.

Because they know you won’t make any money if you don’t monetize your website, they won’t monetize it.

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2) Write 10-15 blog posts

A high-quality piece of content is number two. To make sure Google knows you’re serious about AdSense, you should have 10-15 articles on your website that can be monetized before applying for AdSense.

In general, you should have 10,000-15,000 words on your website. Such as mobile applications A suitable number of words for an article is between 1000 and 1500. Showing the voice of your website and demonstrating the quality of your content, will help you get approved for your website.

3) Design the About and Contact pages

There’s something I think a lot of people overlook in number three. Before you apply to Google AdSense, your website must have a Contact and About page.

Google wants to make sure your website is legitimate, so it wants to know who is behind it. Including the different staff members on the About page is also an option.

A Contact page should also be included on your website so visitors can contact you if necessary.


The presence of those two pages will further confirm that your business is legitimate. From an AdSense perspective, that’s significant to Google.

4) Post privacy policies on your website

The fourth thing you should do is create a Privacy Policy page. Many people fall into this trap because they don’t know what to include in their privacy policies.

If you search on Google, you’ll find dozens of different generators. In your privacy policy, you should include specific language that Google requires.

You can also find the language Google AdSense recommends you include in your privacy policy by following this link. Copying and pasting are really easy.

5) Check that the website content isn’t restricted

It is probably something that some people don’t think about before they create a website. Your content should not be restricted, so you need to make sure it’s not on the list.

The restricted list in Google AdSense is true. AdSense isn’t for you if you have a website that has restricted content. The situation is what it is.

The publisher restrictions can vary based on several factors, so here is a link that tells you everything you need to know.

Anything sexual or shocking is generally prohibited. This includes killing, terrorism, explosives, guns, tobacco, recreational drugs, the sale of alcohol, online gambling, prescription drugs, and unapproved pharmaceuticals or supplements.

In my opinion, the addition of unapproved pharmaceuticals or supplements is relatively recent. AdSense might deny your website if it includes supplements that aren’t proven or are kind of sketchy.

6) Avoid using copyrighted images

Images that are copyrighted should not be used. There is no way to overstate how significant this is. Put a Google image on your website only if you have permission from Google.

Photographers who spend time and effort putting up their images are protected by usage rights. Compensation is necessary for their efforts.

The chances are that Google AdSense will see what you’ve done and say, “No, we won’t approve you since these aren’t even your images.” If you simply grab an image from Google and post it, there is a reasonable chance it will come there, see what you’ve done, and say, “No, we won’t approve you.”

7) Consider the age of your website (sometimes)

Sometimes the age of your website matters, but not everywhere.

Google has largely targeted people in China and India. This is because you have to have your websites for at least six months before applying for Google AdSense. While this isn’t a huge deal in the U.S. and many other countries, it is for those in China and India.

The reason I believe they did this is that the ecosystem of their Google search results was flooded with fraudulent websites.

The system wasn’t being played fairly by people. While I am not familiar with the details, I am aware that these two countries have been mentioned.

Wait six months if you live in either of these countries. So you don’t have to worry about it if you aren’t, since it’s not the issue if you get denied.

8) Check that your website hasn’t been banned from Google AdSense Accounts

Keep an eye on your website to make sure it isn’t banned. It is not a problem (unless you were already told you were banned from Google AdSense) if you created a website from scratch and purchased the domain fresh.

It’s possible, however, that your website was previously banned from Google AdSense if that’s not the case when you purchase a website or domain name. Consider it if you haven’t already.

To check whether your Google account has been banned, go to There is a reasonable chance that most websites are not, but it is worth checking.

9) Google AdSense Accounts to have a decent-looking website

Your website should look decent. You don’t have to buy premium themes to make your website look good, but you should make sure it appears visually appealing.

When someone visits your website, you don’t want it to look like old-school, the ’90s, jumbled HTML, thrown together so it’s difficult to navigate.

If you use a WordPress default theme or purchase one online, you’re liable for success. To learn more about my recommended themes, you can watch my tutorial.

Make sure it looks decent. The amount of information can be very minimal. For your website to look like a website, you don’t need a lot of images.

Keep custom coding to a minimum unless you are knowledgeable.

10) Google AdSense Accounts to have a clear navigation system on your website

Ensure that the navigation of your website is clear. Usually, this is an afterthought. The response will probably be, “Of course, I have a clear navigation system.”

In some cases, websites don’t provide this information, or whatever they’re using isn’t clear. A problem with that is that it does not give the website itself validity. A website’s main navigation should be easy to find and accessible.

11) you must be at least 18 years old for Google AdSense Accounts

It is imperative to ensure that you are at least 18 years old. Google AdSense Accounts are available only to those 18 years of age or older.

During the AdSense application process, they ask for your birthday. Your AdSense account cannot be activated if you are under 18.

Even so, you don’t have to give up. I think it’s fantastic that you’re getting started at such a young age if you’re under 18 years old and awesome.

You can fix this by adding your parent’s or guardian’s name to it. You will receive the checks from that person, not you, so you should choose someone you trust.

It shouldn’t be a problem as long as that person is willing to cash in for you and assist you with that.

12) When applying, remove all other ads

Make sure to remove any ads you already have on your website if you keep getting rejected.

The terms of service of Google AdSense state that it is fine to use other ad networks with Google AdSense.

People may say, “You know what? When do they feel overwhelmed when they see a lot of advertisements everywhere? It’s already kind of spammy on this website.



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