Why Digital Marketing is so important in 2022

what is digital marketing
what is digital marketing

What is digital marketing?

Why Digital Marketing is so another word for important in 2022? As you understand, this is a rhetorical question. Today, a company that does not invest in digital marketing has no chance of succeeding.

A few years ago and its upheavals have shown that it is a mistake not to use web tools to promote your commercial, artistic, or other project.

But even when physical stores are not closed, it is now imperative to set up a digital marketing company

However, for many, the concept of digital marketing remains obscure. That’s why we have prepared a complete guide on the subject.

The benefits of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is often much more effective and less expensive than offline marketing.

It’s almost impossible to talk about marketing these days without talking about the digital version. However, some companies mired in old habits and traditions do not see the full potential of this discipline.

Besides the fact that it is no longer really possible to promote a service without having an online presence, digital marketing has the following advantages:

It’s cheaper than offline marketing – not all digital marketing is free (although some are). Buying ads on Google, for example, can be relatively expensive. Yet it will still be much cheaper than advertising on TV or in newspapers. It is therefore a way to promote your services, from the start of your activity with a limited budget.

It allows you to analyze and optimize your campaigns more effectively. The problem with offline marketing is that it’s almost impossible to measure its effectiveness. If you print a poster or an advertisement in a newspaper, you cannot know how many people have seen it and how many have become your customers.

Modern digital marketing tools, on the other hand, allow you to measure the specific views, clicks, and even behaviour of people on your website or app. This makes it much easier to judge the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and optimize them later.

It allows you to reach a wider audience. Unless you have a huge budget, offline marketing only allows you to reach a local (or at most national) audience. With digital marketing, on the other hand, you can very easily launch campaigns all over the world, without it costing you more.

Finally, it is important to point out that digital marketing has internet marketing the advantage of often being more accessible for small businesses.

It’s hard to do a TV commercial if you don’t have a whole team at your disposal. On the other hand, you can very well launch a digital marketing campaign as a freelancer, without ruining your budget.

Social media | Digital Marketing
Social media | Digital Marketing `

Digital Marketing Tools.

Now that you know the main forms of digital marketing, let’s take a look at some of the tools you can use to create your campaigns.

Today there are an incredible number of solutions that allow you to organize your digital marketing campaigns. Many are even free depending on the features you use.

It’s impossible to make an exhaustive list of all digital marketing tools, but here are a few to get you started:

Google Search Console for SEO

Google Ads for SEA.

WordPress for blogging

Awin for Affiliate Marketing

Sprout Social for social media marketing.

Sendinblue via email marketing.

Of course, there are many more. A quick Google search will often be enough to help you find what you’re looking for.

What type of company does a Digital Marketing Manager work in?

A digital marketing manager can operate in two types of reality: the first is that of medium-large companies, typically multinationals with many employees. In this case, he supervises and coordinates a team of other professionals who work in different fields, he is a liaison figure:

he is the one who defines the strategies, supervises the work of the internal and external interlocutors, and evaluates the results, c he was the one who directed it entirely.

The second hypothesis, on the other hand, is that the digital marketing manager is becoming more and more essential even in small and medium-sized companies, that is, in companies for which digital is becoming a key lever for customer acquisition, but in which there are very few resources.

so that more people take care of this aspect. In this case, it is a figure who must do a bit of everything within a small company where he can be alone or with others, from the web to social networks via e-commerce.


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