What is social media marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing
What is Social Media Marketing

Social What is social media marketing?

What is social media and why do we need to be there? No, it has not been easy for SMEs to live and survive the last years of destruction. With the economic crisis now structural, global, and systemic, the crisis has manifested itself in a much more cruel way on the productive fabric, small and medium-sized businesses, and entrepreneurs.

These are the people who have been entrusted with the creation of 90% of all jobs.

No, surviving the closing of the credit tap was not easy and it is at this stage that the network, this Internet gives us immediate and barrier-free access to information.

This network which connects us without limits to all these people and businesses with those of us who share interests, concerns, and needs, appears as a new door to hope.

What are social networks?

Social networks are platforms on which, thanks to the free circulation of information, the association of people is encouraged.

Through the action of “sharing”, interaction is encouraged, and from it flows new opportunities, fresh needs, and a variety of centres of interest.

This is vitality for business and education, the pillars of the new economy.

Word of mouth in social networks determines the evolution of the supply and demand curve in this cycle of the social economy.

Reputation and influence are key to identifying the return on our investments. The economy is becoming social and it is necessary to include intangible variables such as trust, commitments, ethics, and credibility, in the evolution of growth.

Additionally, social networks consolidate the two-way Web 2.0 and are both co-creators, participatory, and meeting points for the new figure of the consumer.

Why do we need to be in networks?

These are the fastest and most effective channels for conducting market research.
This is where our competitors, allies, collaborators, and influencers are.
They give us the information we need to maintain the level of competitiveness required by today’s market.

Give better Usability.

Allow us to carry out very effective marketing actions thanks to much lower costs than traditional advertising.

They stimulate dialogue and with it the flow of information, always generating new areas of innovation and development.

Customers express their opinion on our brand whether or not we are present on the networks. Watch out for your reputation!

Being on social media is definitely essential for SMBs.

This is because it increases influence levels, improves brand positioning, and allows you to walk the path of building strong bonds with your customers.

You should know that today’s consumer buys emotions and it is Web 2.0 that allows us to reach the very heart where they are produced!

Resources for SMEs provided by social media

We were talking about what social media is and how it can benefit our business.

It is an undeniable reality that the social phenomenon has evolved into the real world, changing not only the way we communicate but also our habits and customs.

As we gain real-time access to information, as needs and interests emerge, we are able to build up a productive fabric that allows us to emerge from the effects of the structural and systemic crisis we are experiencing.

If we wish to become a small business, if we wish to become entrepreneurs and then to be considered “enterprising”, we must include social philosophy in the foundation of our strategy, for which we must have an understanding of what underlies the social universe. Build consistency between our exhibition and our philosophy.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Effective resources for online Social businesses

In general, without any differentiation by market or industry, each brand should have an active, social presence through:

  • Blog
  • Community on Facebook
  • Twitter profile
  • “Who am I” on Linkedin
  • Profile on Google Analytics

After Analysis to focus on them why these resources are essential for SMEs for social brands.

Social Media Marketing/Advertising

Social media advertising is a form of online advertising done by posting ads on social media. The purposes are:

  • Promote products and services;

  • Improve brand reputation and awareness;

  • Promote the website;

  • Increase the popularity of social networks by SEO

  • Use coupons and discounts to increase sales online and in physical stores.

  • Using a marketing technique that exploits the different social networks according to their

  • Native advertising has its own characteristics.

Banners on social networks are an interesting solution for several reasons:

They are not intrusive. Natively integrated into the flow of information and conversations within social channels, advertising is discreet and even appreciated.

They ensure a high level of control over the target, which is unthinkable with traditional advertising media.

Its effect is measurable thanks to the monitoring and analysis systems provided by the social networks themselves.

If the ads lead to the website, the web analysis tool (Google Analytics) intervenes. Results can be analyzed daily with the possibility of making continuous adjustments.

 Developed on the same social platforms and on the associated website.


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